Swing Trader Stock (STS) Bot

STS Bot is a customizable algorithmic stock/options trading bot utilizing integrated artificial intelligence (AI).

         Custom Settings:

  • Fully customizable settings: entry price, exit price, volume based strategies, max price, min price.
  • Multiple technical indicators programmed into bot to use as options for entry/exit of target stock.
  • Rules list tracks all programmed options while bot is running and can be adjusted any time.
  • Save and load your profiles for easy reuse of  your options between sessions.
  • Multi threading allows for fast execution of trades and calculation of technical analysis.
  • Click here to see full list of options that can be customized.
         Market Movers:

  • Find stocks to trade using market movers including auto updated stock advancers and decliners.
  • Locate stocks with new highs/lows, gap up/down, most active, trending, breakouts, VWAP and more.
  • Create trading strategies for stocks with momentum to take advantage of price action.
  • Add market mover stocks to your watch list to improve market entry/exit timing.
  • Click here to see market mover features.
         Charting with Trends:

  • In program charting allows you to visualize charts inside the program including technical indicators.
  • View a chart of your position, net account value, and locate fundamental data for stocks.
  • Trade during TD Ameritrade market hours, premarket, or aftermarket hours. (7AM – 7PM).
  • Identify uptrends/downtrends using 1 minute candles to quickly adjust position.
  • Click here to see charting features.
         Live Alerts:

  • Live alerts including text message* and email alerts for orders and stock price/volume action.
  • Additional stock tracker section to track multiple other stocks for creating a complete watch list with alerts.
  • Program alerts for movements in stock price, volume, and technical indicators.
  • Track market movement with alerts: S&P500, Nasdaq, Russell & more.
  • Click here to see alert features.
         Options Trading:

  • Bot can trade call or put options when enabled and utilizes rules to create entry/exit points.
  • Options trading has higher reward however also has a higher risk than trading equities.
  • Buy and sell options automatically and track your progress.
  • Click here to see options trading features.

  • Program utilizes TD Ameritrade API backend and never requests your account password.
  • API key and account info are only stored locally using complex hash encoded byte encryption.
  • Trade data is always maintained privately and never shared with any third (3rd) party.
  • Click here to see security features.